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MD4 hash checker

Check the nature and the availability of a file shared on the eDonkey network

The name of a file available on the eDonkey network is never a proof of its real content and what a file seems to be at first sight does not necessarily correspond with what you could get once downloaded.this page help you to control what you download to avoid wrong or inappropriate files.
Attention ! This hash is known as a reference to a illicit content. We do not give information about this kind of file and we highly advises you to do not download this file.
Warning ! This hash seems to be a reference to potentially illicit data. We do not provide information for this kind of file.
Perform your search by pasting hashcode like these
3D366ED505B977FC61C9A6EE01E96329 - 61E1EC5E27D8CE1D985FEED200C8B0DE
or by pasting a meta link like this
Our databases holds a large number of hashes involving some potentially illicit files, whose download could lead to judiciary problems.In case your checking is positive, we recommend you to do not download the involved file.